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829 Valiug,
Postal Code 327415,

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0040 744 675 603

GPS Coordinates: lat:45.202266, lng:22.015414


As your hosts, we wish you a pleasant stay in Casa Gozna (Gozna House), ensuring you that we are striving that all our services be at the level of your requirements.

The internal regulations and the rules of behaviour listed below are designed to establish the premises of operating Casa Gozna in civilized conditions and in accordance with the related legal rules.

A tourist/ a guest is any person housed or receiving any service from Casa Gozna.

This Regulation aims at setting conditions for the guests’ stay in Casa Gozna and applies to all tourists who must accept it by the very fact of their accommodation in the apartments and must completely observe it.

To allow us to carry out these wishes so that you come back to us with pleasure again and again, please do strictly observe the following rules of procedure:

◭ Accommodation in Casa Gozna will be made by presenting the identity card for registration in the hotel management system and to release the corresponding key for the reserved room;

◭ Tourists will be allowed to accommodate in Casa Gozna only according to the number of people mentioned on the accommodation booking. The tourist is responsible for the room provided for accommodation from the very moment he takes up the key at the reception.

◭ Do not damage the arrangement or the appliances within the apartments, otherwise you owe Casa Gozna an amount of money equal to the arrangement / damaged object and the labour costs.

◭ Do not take any object from Casa Gozna at the departure;

◭ Keep quiet so as not to disturb other tourists between 11 p.m. - 8 a.m. Music on the terraces or in the courtyard of Casa Gozna is permanently prohibited.

◭ Do not use towels or linen for: wiping dyed hair, cleansing, cleaning shoes, suitcases, floors etc. Towels are only for body use. If linen or towels are identified damaged by the tourist’s improper use, they will be charged as expense and will be paid by the responsible guest. Otherwise, Casa Gozna reserves the right to cancel the tourist’s booking and evacuate him/ her without a refund of the paid services.

◭ Do not enter without permission from Casa Gozna in other rooms or spaces for staff only.

◭ Do not leave children unattended in any of the areas of Casa Gozna; any accident occurred due to the failure to supervise children in Casa Gozna is not our responsibility but that of the people who accompany the children and who are charged with their supervision.

◭ Announce as soon as possible any malfunction of the equipment or installations of the apartments. Any accident occurred due to improper use of items supplied or use of Casa Gozna facilities due to non-compliance with corresponding safety rules it is not our responsibility. The access with electrical consumers: heaters, radiators inside the apartments is also forbidden.

◭ Smoking is forbidden inside the room and other spaces of the Casa Gozna except for the terraces and the garden. Smoking is not allowed in the balcony of the room.

◭ It is forbidden to throw cigarette butts and seed shells anywhere but the bins or ashtrays; cigarette butts must be extinguished in advance.

◭ It is strictly forbidden to introduce weapons, cutting weapons or tear gas into Casa Gozna. Under Romanian law the consumption or sale of hallucinogenic or psychotropic substances is prohibited and punished.

◭ Household and wastes will be stored in garbage bags in garbage cans placed in the room and spaces arranged for the garbage disposal.

◭ Do not throw in the toilet objects that could lead to damage to sewage collection station.

◭ Key delivery after expiry of the booked period will be made no later than 11 a.m., after having performed the inspection of the room.

For any property destruction or damage or non-compliance with cleaning and quietness rules, there will be taken measures accordingly and there will be paid amounts of money to repair the damage.

This regulation meets the expectations of our guests. In case of non-compliance we reserve the right to ban access to Casa Gozna premises or evacuate the tourists concerned.

phone: +40 744 675 603 address: 829 Valiug, 327415, Caras-Severin, Romania